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Are You Working with The Best Property Manager in Pleasanton, CA?

If you’re not working with the best property manager in Pleasanton, California, you’re wasting time and money on missed opportunities.

Any property manager can find you a tenant and collect rent. The real value is in expertise, resources, and knowledge. You’re looking for professionals who are willing to invest in you, your rental properties, and the entire community.

Here’s how you know whether you’re working with a Pleasanton property management leader or a company that’s comfortable in mediocrity.

Leasing and Marketing that Reduce Vacancies

Vacancies are expensive, and if your property manager allows your investment to languish unoccupied on the rental market, you’re not working with the best.

Identify those companies that are willing to spend money on marketing your home effectively. You want to see video tours, professional photos, and maximum exposure. Self-service showings are now almost required. Residents want to see properties on their own time, on-demand. If your property manager cannot provide self-showing technology or digital keypads, you’re losing prospective tenants.

The application process must be consistent, rigorous, and compliant with all fair housing laws. Our property management services include a dedicated team to process applications and get residents approved. This leads to a higher probability of placing a well-qualified resident.

We don’t know of any property management companies in Pleasanton that have a dedicated processing team and can get through the application process faster than ours. It’s something we’re proud of because we know it serves our owners and our residents well.

Responsive, Cost-Effective Maintenance

One of the most challenging parts of maintaining your rental home is trying to find reliable, affordable vendors who show up and do the best possible work. You don’t want to waste time asking for references or scouring the internet looking for leads on plumbers during a water emergency.

Your property management partner, if they’re the best, will do all of this for you. Look for a property manager who has in-house vendors to do basic work and exceptional relationships with experts who are licensed and insured.

Administrative and Property Management Capacity

Don’t waste your time or money working with full-time sales agents who dabble in property management.

You need a full-service property management company that does everything for you operationally. You’re looking for confident experts who can lease, manage, and maintain your property better than anyone else.

Choose a property manager who tracks all of your data, from turnover statistics to days on the market to the number of applications received against those that are approved. A data-driven property management team will manage your property with more efficiency and less waste.

You want to see positive reviews, from both residents and owners. Look for specialized staff, where there’s a maintenance coordinator and a dedicated leasing team. A physical office that’s local to your area is essential. There’s plenty that can be done virtually, but that physical office tells you that your property manager has invested in the local community and the market. You want an expert who can navigate you through strong markets and challenging times.

Finally, are your financial records and reports clear, accurate, and detailed? Do you completely understand what’s being earned and spent?

These are the qualities that will assure that you’re working with the best Pleasanton property management company.

Don’t settle for mediocre. Insist on excellence. Contact us at Advantage Property Management Services.