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Property Management

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Maintenance and Property Assessments

We keep your investment safeguarded

We know that a well-maintained home results in quicker rentals, lower turnovers, and in general, happier tenants! We offer our residents a secure portal to submit all maintenance issues, which can be accessed online with a simple click. Our Vendors are trustworthy and very quick to respond. Plus, we’re the only Pleasanton Property Manager with in-house maintenance, reducing your costs and improving quality. We coordinate and communicate with the tenants, with you, and vendors for our maintenance scenarios. Protecting and maintaining your home and your investment is a top priority for us.

Vendor bills, Owner Statements, and Financial Reports are available in our online Owner Portal.

How This Benefits You

Keeping Control of Repairs

An in-house team means we have total control over schedules, priorities, coordination, and cost.

Customized Property Maintenance

Our response to maintenance depends on your property’s needs.

Standardized Materials

Forget waiting around for weeks for “parts.” We have the equipment, supplies, and materials you need, and we have them today.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Less risk and less worry with our maintenance team, which is trained, professional, and licensed.

Full Vendor Management

When specialized services are needed, we outsource to our preferred network of well-screened vendors and contractors.

Keep the Vendors You Love

If you want to refer your favorite vendor to us, we’d be happy to screen them and ensure they meet our high standards.

No Waiting for Estimates

We won’t waste valuable time gathering multiple estimates. We know who does the best work and for the best prices.

Avoid the Home Warranty Trap

Home warranties seem like a good idea. But they’re expensive, and the work isn’t nearly as good as we need it to be. We’re your better alternative.

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Free Rental Analysis papers

Free Rental Analysis

Our Data-Driven Leasing System drives more traffic and converts prospects to tenants faster, reducing vacancy and increasing cash flow. We control your expenses by utilizing our in-house maintenance team to deliver rental property-focused solutions. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our Pleasanton property management services ensures you’re happy and your investment is more profitable.