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Clearing Up the Confusion: A Pleasanton Tenant's Guide to Ending a Lease Early

Clearing Up the Confusion: A Pleasanton Tenant's Guide to Ending a Lease Early

Perhaps something has changed in your life unexpectedly, and you need to move out of your rental property early. What does this mean for you, and what responsibilities do you have to your landlord or property manager?

It’s a misconception among some Pleasanton residents that you can move out whenever you want.

This is not true; you’ve signed a lease agreement, which is a binding legal contract. We can make an early lease termination possible, but it’s important that we work together to find a new tenant to replace you as soon as possible. This will save time and money for both of us, and reduce the frustration that can come with an early lease termination.

Here’s what you need to know.

Pleasanton Property Management and Landlord Responsibilities

At Advantage Property Management Services, we take the lease seriously. We talk about it with you at the beginning of the tenancy, and we have a separate contract that you signed to ensure that you understand everything and know what to expect.

California law requires landlords to replace tenants who break the lease as soon as possible. It’s in your best interests to help us do this, because then you can move out faster and there’s less financial responsibility that has to be shouldered by you. We cannot change the lease terms; if you’re leaving early, you’re on the hook financially for the rest of the lease term. Unless we can find a new tenant quickly.

We will advertise for new tenants and schedule showings. Remember that it takes more time to replace a tenant than to find a brand new tenant. There are several factors that will impact how quickly we’re able to find a new tenant. The season matters, the condition and cleanliness of your property matters, and the market competition will influence how long it takes.

Pleasanton Resident Responsibilities

When you have to move out before the end of the lease term, we need you to think like a landlord.

It’s going to be your responsibility to show the property. If we’re still showing the property after you move out, we’ll charge you an in-person showing fee. You’ll also be responsible for turnover costs, per your lease agreement and addendum. Those costs include:

  • Keeping the utilities on.
  • Rekeying locks.
  • Early termination or leasing fee

You’re still responsible for any rent that isn’t paid during the vacancy that was created by your early termination. When we have tenants who are proactive about finding a replacement resident, the entire process is easier on everyone.

Early lease terminations are disruptive for everyone. They’re also costly. We understand that circumstances change, however, and we’re willing to work with you on this process if you find yourself needing to move out earlier than expected.

The important things to remember are to communicate with us, be prepared to pay for the things that the lease agreement requires, and help us place a new resident quickly so you can move on.

If you have any questions or find yourself needing to move out sooner than the end of your lease term, please contact us at Advantage Property Management Services as soon as possible.