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Eviction Protection for California Landlords: 3 Things You Should Know

Eviction Protection for California Landlords: 3 Things You Should Know

Every year around 3.5 million people are evicted from their homes. It's one of the worst parts about being a landlord. But is also very necessary in some instances.

In recent years, there have been many new rules and regulations put in place around eviction. These can impact your ability to evict a tenant. It's important to understand eviction protection, to know what you can and can't do as a landlord.

While there are many details that vary from county to county, this guide will give you the basics to start with!

1. Universal "Just Cause" Protections

The first thing a leasing management company needs to know is that these eviction protections cover every renter. In the past, only renters who met certain criteria could use these protections. But that isn't the case anymore. So it's important for every owner, even accidental landlords, to understand the law.

A landlord is prohibited from removing a tenant without "just cause". Those can include missed rent payments, a breach of the contract, or a sale of the property.

Studying the approved eviction reasons will help make sure you're always compliant.

2. Owed Rent Thresholds

Obviously, one of therein reasons for eviction is missed rent payments. This is the way the real estate investor makes money and the reason to have tenants in the first place.

This is a valid, approved reason for an eviction case, but there are still parameters you must meet.

Each area has a set missed rent threshold the tenant must meet. This is based on the current market value for the space. You can't move forward with eviction without them hitting that level and having enough time to pay it. Having a property management team in place makes this rent collection much easier.

3. Must Follow Proper Eviction Process

Once you know that you have the grounds to move forward with an eviction, be sure to follow the process exactly. The last thing you want is for your problem tenant to be able to stay because you missed a step.

The main thing is giving enough notice. This starts with a notice of the reason for potential eviction with time for them to make a change. Then there must be enough time for the tenant to find other housing arrangements. The closer you follow the guidelines, the more successful you'll be with the eviction.

Everything You Need to Know About Eviction Protection

Eviction protection has evolved a lot over the last few years. There have been quite a few changes that update the rules for landlords and tenants alike.

Keeping up with all of this can be an overwhelming task. That's why it's very helpful to work with a property management company. They make sure to keep up with all the latest tenant and eviction news so that you don't have to. When a problem arises in one of your properties, they'll know just how to handle it.

Our team of expert managers has helped make many landlords' lives much easier. And they're ready to help you, too! Contact us today to see how we can help you!