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How We Screen Your Rental Applicants

How We Screen Your Rental Applicants

In 2022, over 343,000 people moved out of California to other states. This was the highest number of people leaving any state that year. With lots of people leaving California, it might get tougher for landlords and real estate investors to find good tenants. This makes tenant screening more important than ever.

A key part of the process is conducting a tenant criminal background check to uncover any potential red flags. Here's our comprehensive approach to help you secure the best tenants for your property.

1. Creating Your Rental Application Form

We start by creating a comprehensive rental application form. This form should gather all the necessary information about prospective tenants. It includes sections for personal details, employment history, previous tenancies, and references.

A well-designed application form establishes the qualifying screening criteria for your rental applicants.

2. Requesting Duly Filled Rental Applications

Once we have your application form, we ask prospective tenants to fill it out completely. This helps us gather detailed information about the different types of tenants who are interested in renting your property.

The more information we have, the better we can assess their suitability for your rental property. We ensure applicants complete all sections of the form to get a clear picture of who they are.

3. Doing a Background Check

Conducting a thorough background check is really important when screening tenants. This check looks into the tenant's past, like if they have a criminal record, were ever evicted, or have other public records that might be worrying.

A background check is key because it helps us spot any warning signs that a tenant might cause you problems. This step is crucial for keeping your rental properties and your other tenants safe and secure.

4. Carry Out a Credit Check

A tenant's financial responsibility is just as important as their personal background. Running a credit report gives us insights into their financial health and payment history. We look for indicators of financial instability.

These might include late payments, outstanding debts, or bankruptcies. A credit report can be a reliable predictor of whether the tenant will pay their rent on time.

5. Interview Prospective Tenants

An interview with potential tenants can provide valuable insights that we might not get from paperwork alone. This step allows us to gauge the tenant's character and reliability. We may ask questions about their:

  • Lifestyle
  • Reasons for moving
  • Expectations from the rental property

This interview can also be a chance for the tenants to ask questions, including how we handle and resolve landlord-tenant issues.

6. Review All Qualified Applicants

After finishing the above steps, we take a good look at all the applicants who have met your rental criteria. Choosing the right tenant is a balance of various factors, including their background, ability to pay rent, and how they might contribute to the community in your rental property.

Choose a Comprehensive Process That Extends Beyond a Tenant Criminal Background Check

A thorough tenant screening, including a detailed tenant criminal background check, is essential in making informed decisions about who occupies your property. As a landlord or rental property investor, handling this process can be time-consuming and complex.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us now at Advantage Property Management Services for expert help with tenant screening or other aspects of property management. We use the latest technology in our operations and are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes to our clients.