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Saving Money and Time: Cost-Effective Maintenance Practices for Landlords in the Tri-Valley

Saving Money and Time: Cost-Effective Maintenance Practices for Landlords in the Tri-Valley

Maintenance costs are higher these days. This is likely not news to you; if you’ve made even a simple repair recently, you know that the costs have risen on everything from labor to materials to supplies. The best way to avoid these high maintenance costs is this: avoid maintenance issues.

This may sound easier said than done, but we’ve found that with a sound process for turnover maintenance, you can avoid emergency and even routine repair calls throughout the life of a tenancy.

Here’s what we recommend.

Invest in Turnover Maintenance for Tri-Valley Rental Homes

Turnover maintenance is preventative maintenance.

When one resident moves out and you’re preparing the property for a new resident, you want to take the time that’s required to ensure everything in the property is functioning and free from potential problems. A one-hour service call is more expensive than having the same vendor at your property for eight hours.

At Advantage Property Management Services in Pleasnton, we build the ark before the flood. It keeps costs down, and it also protects the condition and value of your investment.

Preventative maintenance will keep your costs down. When you pay for it ahead of time, you’re also paying for that emergency call that won’t happen. A detailed maintenance process during the turnover is worth the investment. Seal the granite counters. Caulk around the tubs and showers. Replace toilet flaps. When you do all of this before your resident moves in, you’re avoiding those maintenance calls later.

Vendor Relationships are Invaluable

As a Tri-Valley property management company, we have a good network of vendors that we know, like, and trust. They have been doing good work for us for years, and we know they’re reliable. Just like in any service industry, there is a huge range of vendors and prices. What you pay for a water heater is probably a lot different from vendor to vendor. If you don’t know what you should be paying, you’ll probably pay a premium.

If you’re managing on your own, you’re not going to get the best prices.

Property managers get meaningful discounts because of the volume of work we provide. This is one of the perks to partnering with a property manager when you’re leasing, managing, and maintaining a rental property.

Avoid Deferred Maintenance

Be smart about the maintenance that’s needed at your property. No one wants to pay more than they have to, but if you invest in durable, high quality products and services, you’ll reduce maintenance costs over the long term. Labor is really expensive, but you don’t want to avoid using a licensed and insured vendor. Protect yourself and your investment property.

The most expensive maintenance is the maintenance you don’t do. Deferred maintenance is a huge problem. Ignoring mold. Ignoring leaks. Ignoring any of those seemingly minor repair needs will only be more expensive and disruptive.

We can help you put together a solid maintenance plan for turnovers. We can help you save money. When you’re ready to talk about your property management needs, please contact us at Advantage Property Management Services.