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What Do Landlords Mean by "Leaving A Property in Move-in Good Condition"?

Renting a property means moving into a new home. You might not own that home, but it’s still yours - from the time you move in until the time you move out. Most landlords and property managers will expect you to treat your home with respect and care. You’ll be asked to leave the property in move-in, good condition.

What does that mean?

To answer how the property should look at the end of your lease term, we need to step back a year or more to the beginning of your lease term, when you moved in.

Becoming a Resident: Moving Into a New Rental Home

When you move into a home, you’ll want to take a walk around the entire property before you start placing furniture and unpacking boxes. Take note of the empty spaces, the clean appliances, and the functioning lights, outlets, windows, and doors. Everything should look exactly the way it does in this moment when you move out. We expect the normal wear and tear that’s bound to happen when someone resides in a home, but the overall property condition should be the same on the last day of your lease as it is on the first day of your lease.

Moving Out: Cleaning and Restoring Your Rental Home

The lease is ending and you have decided not to renew your lease agreement with us. We will be sad to see you go, but we understand that life takes all of us in different directions. Here’s what you need to know about leaving the property in good, move-in ready condition.

  • Remove all of your personal property. Do not leave behind furniture that’s too heavy to move or small appliances that won’t be needed in your next home. Make sure there isn’t any food in the fridge or dishes in the dishwasher. There should not be random lamps left behind or towels in the bathroom. Everything you came with or acquired during the tenancy must leave with you.
  • Everything must function the way it should. If appliances are not working or doors are not locking, those are maintenance requests you need to make before you leave. We expect everything to work as designed, the way it worked when you moved in.
  • Clean the home well. We expect you to sweep and mop and vacuum floors. Don’t forget the areas that are often overlooked; the window frames and exhaust fans as well as the garage and the patio. Is this home as clean as it was when you moved in? It must be, if you want to avoid security deposit deductions.
  • Make sure the landscaping is in good condition. Mow the lawn one last time, scoop up the dog poop, and pull any lingering weeds.

Ask yourself this question, once you’re preparing to close the door behind you and turn in the keys: will a new tenant be able to move in fairly quickly? That’s what we’re looking for.

If you have any questions about the move-in or the move-out process, we’d be happy to discuss them with you. Contact your Pleasanton property management team at Advantage Property Management Services.