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Why Investors Trust Advantage PMS for San Ramon Property Management

If you’re a property owner or an investor looking for professional San Ramon property management, we have three reasons you should consider Advantage Property Management Services.

Innovative Fee Structure

The biggest difference between our company and others is our fee structure. The traditional property management model, which has been around for decades, is a fee driven model. As a property owner, you pay your property manager for every activity. The most common fees are setup fees, advertising fees, leasing fees, management fees, overrides on maintenance and inspection fees. There are fees for everything. Every manager has a different set of fees, but they are all basically the same. They charge you money in exchange for work. So whether your property is making you money or is vacant and not making you any money, the property manager is still earning those fees. In our model, we only make money when rent is collected. So our fee structure is aligned with your interests. If you aren’t making money, then neither are we. That structure makes a big difference when you’re giving this valuable asset to someone to manage.

Marketing Efforts

Our marketing strategy is designed to minimize vacancy and find the best tenants possible. If your tenants aren’t paying rent, we aren’t making money either. So, it’s important for us to find that great tenant. We do this through high quality marketing. We take professional quality photos of all of our properties, film video tours and write compelling ads. We respond to applicant inquiries instantly. People don’t have to wait for a day or two to hear back from us. Anyone who inquires about a property gets an instant response. We can show your property faster, gather applications faster, move tenants in faster, and get that rental income into your pocket.


We take owner communication very seriously. As a property owner, you will get access to an owner portal where you can login 24 hours a day and seven days a week to see the financial status of your property, communicate with us and review important
Why Investors Trust Advantage PMS for San Ramon Property Management

documents. There are also a series of alerts that we set up so that when rent is paid or a maintenance request is submitted by a tenant, you get an email notifying you of that. If you have a question, we respond to most inquiries within less than an hour. If you have any questions or you’d like to hear more about how professional San Ramon property management works, please contact us at Advantage Property Management Services.